Studio work …


The main studio at Pegasus has pleasant, controlled acoustics and a separate vocal booth and can comfortably accommodate up to five musicians.

A wide range of microphones including legendary Neumann and AKG valve mics combined with linear response acoustics offers you a space to record music the way it should be, with clarity, intensity, and depth.


Detailed and careful editing is vital to achieving a tight and punchy end result. In preparation for the mix I work through tracks, bar by bar, note by note, tightening up loose timing, replacing inaccurate or smudged musical phrases, cleaning up ragged harmony vocal entries, and if necessary, pitch correcting otherwise great vocal performances.

This can be a time-consuming procedure but one that makes a world of difference to the overall project.

If you have recorded some tracks at home or at another studio, you can still bring me the separate audio files (or stems) and I can edit, mix, and master them for you.


Creating a great mix is a combination of experience and smoke and mirrors!

Every individual sound is reviewed, it could then be compressed, re-EQ'd, or given any number of other treatments before being placed in the stereo image with the desired amount of reverb or delay or whatever …  the options are endless!

The Pegasus control room is acoustically fine-tuned to ensure all sound emanating from the choice of two monitoring systems is ‘uncoloured’ by the room acoustics.

If you bring me examples of the kind of mixes that you feel suit your style or genre, I'm happy to create a mix modelled on that style.


For your mixes to sound as punchy and rich as commercial high-end productions, they will need to be mastered prior to release.  I will ensure that each finished track will sound its very best complete with any fade-ins and fade-outs you require.

Also at this stage, ISRC codes can be embedded into the master to uniquely identify your recording.

I'm also happy to take your mixes from any number of other sources to master into one cohesive result.

Film, TV, radio & video

Pegasus Studios has worked on many projects involving the production of music and voice over for film, TV, radio and video and audio special effects production.  Especially when involving First Nations musicians.


Day in and day out I work with highly accomplished professional musicians who are happy to work as session players when required.  Whether you need a rhythm section, string ensemble, backing vocals, or just an extra instrument here and there, I can bring in the right person or people all at realistic cost.

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Pegasus Studios - mixing desk - studio


Pegasus Studios - mixing desk - studio


Pegasus Studios - mixing desk - studio
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