Nigel Pegrum …

I've spent a lifetime in music both as a player and an engineer/producer.

I was experimenting with tape recorders from the age of seven!! …  and playing in bands from eleven.

As a teenager I was in bands that later went on to great fame, I worked in Spain and Italy with chart success in both countries, I was with bands that toured with major names in the business and I spent nearly twenty years touring the World with Steeleye Span, a British band that created the genre ‘folk rock’ and have 5 gold and 7 silver albums from those days.

But throughout that time my passion was always …  audio recording.

I worked at a number of London studios alongside legendary engineers, learning all I could about the new and exploding world of record production.

I formed my own record label and produced LPs (as they were then!!) of a wide range of genres. I was also involved with TV jingle and film music production plus writing and producing the theme song for two Disney feature films and music for a 13-part TV series.

In 1992 I immigrated to Australia with my Australian wife and our two young kids.

Within a year I had built a studio in Cairns, the city is a very arts-orientated location, and has a lively music scene, not only do locals enjoy a night out but tourism and business convention activity is a major factor.

The studio was busy from day one, with a very wide range of projects, local band recordings, Radio and TV jingles, and soundtrack work.

I was lucky enough to be approached to produce a CD by David Hudson, a local First Nations didgeridoo player and all-round entertainer of exceptional skills …  this quickly exploded into the production of some twenty CDs of ‘soundscape’ music tracks, that were marketed around Australia and overseas, achieving over one million in total sales.

I was the audio engineer and co-producer of all the albums by legendary Torres Straits singer, Seaman Dan AM, three of which were nominated for an ARIA, and two won the ‘World Music’ category.  I also achieved two other ARIA nominations, one of which was for my own band ‘Kamerunga’.

Sound recording has changed massively in the many years I have been engineering, but some things remain the same …  a good song is a still good song …  a great voice is a still great voice.

It always has been and still is my job …  to highlight the talent and performance …  and bring out the magic.


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Nigel Pegrum - About


Nigel Pegrum - About


Nigel Pegrum - About
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