Pricing ...

Cost is always an emotive subject although, of course, we try for it not to be so.

Every music project is very different, some are straight forward and work within a take or two, and some are complex requiring many takes and many studio hours of fine-tuning.

Preparedness and skill levels of singers and musicians are also significant factors.

To give you an accurate guide as to the likely cost of a recording project, we need to talk it through.

Meanwhile here are two basic options for you to consider.

Ad Hoc
This is where you pay by the hour for time used.  The hourly rate is determined by the overall anticipated time required.  Sessions of many days or weeks attract a lower rate.  Having discussed your project, I will confirm the hourly rate.

Session musicians are extra to this.

Grant Application Paperwork
I'm always happy to discuss a project you are planning on applying for a grant for to complete.

I will create a written quote of realistic costs and other paperwork as required for the application, free of charge.

This is where we discuss the scope of your recording project and work out what is involved to complete it.  We then agree on a budget for the work.  This approach requires that I have a role as producer …  so can have greater control over the time spent on the various aspects of the process.  If you are applying for a fixed cost grant, this is the best way to proceed.

The law states that the ‘goods’ e.g. the actual recording (that does NOT include the intellectual content, or copyright to the song) belongs to the studio until such time as full payment has been received.

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