Pegasus Studios …

I have designed the studio, control room, and equipment positions to be a small-scale version of the major studios I worked at in London.  The equipment is a combination of analogue and digital, old and new, trusted and well-proven, important assets to the reliability and quality of the studio's work.

The Studio
Pegasus is set in a quiet, leafy position at the end of a cul-de-sac in Bayview Heights, Cairns, about 10 mins south of the CBD.

The control room has a large corner window allowing natural light to also reach the studio room and has sufficient space for four or five visitors and a bank of keyboards to be set up alongside the mixing console.

The studio space is compact, but comfortable for a drum kit and two or three further musicians plus equipment and has a separate vocal booth.

There is also a kitchen with a fridge, microwave, and a toilet.

Studio Equipment
I very much believe that a combination of analogue and digital equipment achieves the best scenario for music recording - it offers the warmth of valve mics and an analogue desk, together with the accuracy and flexibility of digital recording for maximum control of the recorded material.

My system is based on the industry standard Pro Tools software with signals from the studio being processed through high-quality analogue preamps, and the 32-channel analogue desk.  This coupled with high-end microphones each chosen to suit its specific purpose achieves recordings of warmth and clarity.

Included in studio hire if required, is a range of high-quality guitars, a Nord ‘Stage EX’ keyboard and a Pearl drum kit.

We are principally a music recording facility, and even in these ‘post CD’ days, bands and solo artists still need to record to demonstrate their abilities and genre to prospective bookers and to post onto social media or Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

I have recorded and produced almost every genre of music from classical to country, metal to meditation, pop to punk, rock to religious, you name it - I've probably recorded it!!  Although I'm open to new challenges too!!.

In addition to this I've recorded countless TV and radio jingles, film, TV and documentary soundtracks, radio plays, Amazon books, and instructional courses.

I have produced or co-produced six ARIA nominated CDs, two of which by Torres Straits Islander Seaman Dan (AM) have won the World Music category.

I have also been awarded by the Queensland Recording Association, Best Producer, Best Engineer, Best Indigenous album, and Best Album Overall.

I've lost count of the number of CDs I've produced over the years but certainly in excess of 100 …

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Pegasus Studios -  Pegasus


Pegasus Studios -  Pegasus


Pegasus Studios -  Pegasus


Pegasus Studios -  Pegasus
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